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6 Points On How to Prepare For a Home Appraisal

admin@appraisalsnashville July 4th, 2018
6 Points On How to Prepare For a Home Appraisal

You are determined to fetch the best possible price for your home whether it has been put up on sale or you have just planned to refinance your mortgage. Either way, you need a home appraisal. With an appraisal report from a credible and certified home appraiser, you will find out what your home is truly worth.

A licensed professional will be able to establish a fair list price that maximizes the chances of selling your home quickly and a high price at that! Moreover, an appraiser can also help you determine what maintenance work and home improvements must be carried out to elevate the value of your property.

Here are 5 points on how to prepare for a home appraisal from the experts at Denver Residential Appraisal:

#1 Clean up your yard for a better curb appeal

Tidying up your yard can give your home a facelift and curb appeal can only add to your home’s worth. Mow your lawn, trim the trees and shrubs, add a few colorful flowers for a fresh new look and if it is the winter, don’t forget to shovel your driveway! Remember to declutter the space and remove any kids toys and random lawn furniture. It would be great if you could weed out your flower beds and have it looking pristine before the appraisal. A neat and tidy yard can only benefit your appraisal process!

#2 Don’t forget the $500 rule

Home value often takes a hit because of poor maintenance. Broken doorknobs, loose floorboards, wallpaper peeling away, damaged tiles etc. can each cause a $500 depreciation in the home value. Every little repair that you avoid can become an expensive affair at the end of the process. Run a thorough check and see if all your light fixtures and basic plumbing work correctly. Repair or replace all malfunctioning equipment. Some of you might feel a little hesitant in shelving out money on the house you want to sell. Think of it this way, spending $500 on simple fixtures and repairs can help save big bucks later!

#3 Renovate and change what adds more value

If you are planning on renovating or remodeling elements of your home, try the kitchen or the bathrooms. A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets and a new countertop in the kitchen or simply switching out old faucets with sleek new ones, in your bathrooms can have a massive impact on the pricing. You might want to make a few other changes that add value- hang new curtains, get a new carpet or even have your house painted if the walls are dirty or the wallpaper is peeling off. Make sure your house is fit to be seen when the appraiser arrives.

#4 A thorough clean up a week before

Clean your heart out a week before the appraisal. Wash down the walls, shampoo your carpets, vacuum around and run a check for mold and leaks anywhere in the house. Make all the minor repairs a week before. Do not leave anything to last minute. Remember, a clean home makes it look newer and is more appealing to appraisers and buyers alike.

#5 Keep your list of upgrades ready

You spent money making all those minor repairs and major renovations around your home and home appraisal is the best time to let your appraiser hear about it. Keep your list of upgrades and remodeling at hand. Bills and other related documents of the upgrades and repairs will make the appraiser observe and make note of all the changes you have made. Moreover, you can also utilize the moment to talk about the special features of your home such as an enclosed garage, fireplace, pool and lounge area etc. that increases the value of your home. In addition to that, you can talk about your neighborhood and the improvements that have been made since you moved in. A new school, shopping center or even re-paved roads can make a difference to the listing price.

#6 Do not hover during the appraisal

Every appraiser has his/her way of doing things. Do not follow your appraiser around too much during the appraisal. It gives them a sense that something is wrong. But make sure you are available to answer their queries. Experts at most real estate agents and appraisers will probably agree to opine that it is best if you make your appraiser feel comfortable during their visit. If you have pets make sure to leash them and do not rush the appraiser. It might damage your chances of a high listing price.