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How to Prepare For a Real Estate Appraisal

admin@appraisalsnashville July 18th, 2018

Home appraisals are usually conducted before a listing, sale or even when you’re applying for a second mortgage; as a homeowner, you need the appraisal figure to be high so that you can get the maximum price or loan amount.

Appraisers are unbiased professionals who have to conduct an appraisal as per the regulations, so their reports are acceptable to financial institutions and real estate brokers.

However, if you want your home value to be high, you need to take some effort, and present your home as best you can. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Clean up:  You want to create a good impression on the appraiser and impress upon them that you take care of your home. Clean up the clutter and mess if you have any, vacuum, mop, dust – you get the picture. While cleanliness is not a prerequisite, it can definitely influence the appraiser’s mind.
  • Give your home the once over: Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and check if you need to make any improvements – we’re not talking of redecorating, but if the wallpaper or paint is peeling off, or there are cracks in the wall or flooring, you might want to fix those things. Also, check and fix leaks and nails popping out. List everything that needs to be fixed so you don’t forget anything.
  • Get the Maintenance up to speed: We’re talking small maintenance jobs, not major renovations: fix squeaky doors, clean out your rain gutters, and if needed, get professionals for your electrical or plumbing issues – an appraiser is going to look at all of that. Keep bills as proof so you can show the appraiser. If the paint is really bad, a fresh coat won’t harm you.
  • List your upgrades: Prepare a list of all the upgrades you’ve added to your home since you bought it –kitchen counters, HVAC systems, security systems, new roof – all of it. Also make sure you have the dates, warranties and permits; this will allow your appraiser to see all the value additions to your home at a single glance. It might also be a good idea to leave out upgrades you added without taking the requisite permits – it may cause trouble for you later.
  • Involve your agent: If you’re listing your home for sale, you might want to get your agent along, as they can provide ‘comps’ – properties comparable to yours in size, location, and quality, so as to ascertain the market value of your house. Your agent has easy access to this kind of information, and you can make the appraiser’s job easier.